Living in a big city such as Milan and Paris always influenced my lifestyle choices, using a car is not possible anymore because is much slower and less efficient than other forms of transports. The section Mobility aims to design and innovate in those fields of transportation that usually are not much considered for their shape but more for their usability, bikes, tramways, trains, planes...

You cannot separate the buildings out from the infrastructure of cities and the mobility of transit.
- Norman Foster -


My Works

  • Electric Bike 

    An electric carbon bicycle designed around the simplicity of the cassis and the use of carbon fibre to create a solid yet clean architecture. 

  • Milan Tramway

    The renewal of vintage tramways of Milan using Autonomous technology to perform better in the streets. Keeping the old charme was a must.

  • Milan Cableway

    A new cableway over the canals of Milan to create a smart and connected city. Creating a new way of transport for the city.