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Sep 2019 - Aug 2020

Automotive Designer - Icona Design Group

With studios in Turin, Shanghai and Los Angeles Icona is one of the major design companies present globally. Being able to be very efficient in terms of times and innovation, exquisite examples of avant-garde design by Icona can be found in the "Icona Nucleus" and the "Icona Titanium" together with many other concepts and productions cars.
During this time I went through the full design process several times, improved my skills to deliver the design quality requested on time, understood how the final product is made along with constraints related to it.Designed entire Cars, on a big variety of segments - CONCEPT CARS, SUV, SEDAN, CITYCARS, SUPERCARS - from the sketch phase up to the final render. Worked for major supercar Italian brands and for the Chinese market - from well-known brands to minor brands.

This experience allowed me to:

• Work on redesigns as well as visionary concepts
• Deliver outstanding design quality on time
• Know the business aspects of design
• Know how the products are made
• Know the tools and when to use what
• Go through the full design process several times


© Copyright - ICONA STC S.r.l.

Jan 2019 - Aug 2019

Automotive Designer Intern - Icona Design Group

My first experience in Icona Design Group thought me how much design can have different approaches depending on the company. I have learned to develop my sketches and improved my rendering skills. 

This experience allowed me to:

• Know the process from first research to manufacturing
• Develop ideas, concepts and products
• Have experience with sketching, 3D and prototyping
• Work in a team while being independent on certain phases of the project


© Copyright - ICONA STC S.r.l.

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018


Automotive Designer Intern - Torino Design

A team made of reputation, competence and vision.
Torino Design is one of the most innovative companies of the Italian panorama. Over the past 10 years, we have pioneered a creative approach towards automotive design through a wide range of activities.
This few months of experience trained me to work under pressure and with a fast pace on different projects (CARS, TRUCKS, MOTORCYCLES, BIKES, LOGOS), doing late hours and following the client needs and detailed briefs.
I had the chance to design next to experienced designers and engineers, learning the constraints of production and applying them to my sketches and drawings.

• Have first real work experience and know the industry

• Worked on: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bikes, Logos. 

© Copyright - ICONA STC S.r.l.


© Copyright - Torino Design S.r.l.

Sep 2019

Automotive Journalist (Training) - is one of the bests Automotive News websites globally, with many years of experience and innovation in the field of video format, for example, creating the format "Perchè Comprarla?" used now by many other channels and with different editions of the websites for many countries.

I had the opportunity to be among the top 10 out of 1000 other participants to be able to follow a formation to how to become a professional Automotive Journalist.

During this formation I learned and improved the following skills:

• Followed a safe driving course to learn how to handle a car driving on slippery roads or dangerous situations
• Better communication techniques
• Learned how to use the volume and pace of the voice to emphasise some ideas and moods
• Writing articles and news
• Learned the techniques, the time and the people involved to shoot a professional short video



Sep 2015 - Jul 2018

Automotive Design BA - UWTSD - UK

Graduated with a First Class mark UWTSD allowed me to perfect my English and to discover the world behind automotive and transport design.
UWTSD gave me the opportunity to work with professional designers of renowned British brands such as Jaguar, Aston Martin and Lotus, develop my ideas in Automotive Clay and Alias Autodesk and better understand the industry of transport designs.

The skills acquired during my studies are:

• Design thinking – creative and analytical methods;
• Design sketching, rendering, prototyping and communication skills;
• Familiarity with a range of industry-standard digital design tools;
• Knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes.
• Sustainable design strategies and tools;
• Visual and 3D development;
• Market research and brand ‘DNA’ analysis;
• User-centred design research methods;
• Advanced computer-aided 3D surface modelling and visualisation;
• Team working and professional practice.
• Advanced knowledge of contemporary design research, thinking and practice in a specific industry sector;
• How to develop a personal design philosophy;
• Strategies for personal branding.


Sep 2010 - Jul 2015

Art and Architecture High School - Liceo Artistico di brera - Milan

In the first two years of High School, I learned the basics of:

• Art Visualisation
• 3D modelling and sculpting
• Geometrical and technical drawing

The last three years I decided to specialize in architecture where learned the skills of:

• Architectural 2D representation
• Architectural 3D representation
• Physics and constraints of Architecture, and all the parts that come with it (windows, walls, beams...)
• Strengths and weaknesses of different materials in the construction process (bricks, concrete, reinforced         concrete...)
• Build an entire 3D printing Machine
• Create full 3D prototypes (3D printing and maquettes)
• Simulate full projects with possible requests from clients
• Prepare expositions and set up the environments













3D Modelling 

& Rendering

unnamed (1).png

2D Rendering

Video Making


3D Printing

Microsoft Office


Soft Skills

- Project Management

- Team Work

- Leadership

- Public Speaking

- Result-oriented 

- Determined

- Passionate

- Rigorous 

- Curious 

- Creative

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