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About Me


Hello, my name is Francesco Galimberti, I grew up in Milan in Italy, one of the most important cities when talking about design, fashion and creativity.
I am very curious and positive and I love travelling as a way to discover new people, cultures and thoughts that could help me improve my ideas about design. As a kid, I lived for three years in Paris and I have never stopped practicing French since.

After my high school degree in art and architecture, I felt an eagerness to discover new cultures and I decided to study at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in the UK where I studied for three years my biggest passion: Automotive and Transport Design. In the UK, I improved my English skills, I have been able to explore the world of car design and to take part into
 projects in collaboration with Jaguar, Aston Martin and Lotus. All this allowed me to stay fully immersed into the British culture. 


always had a passion for creating things and this excitement never stopped, sometimes my ideas can be really shocking but I think those are the best ones because they are the ones that make us think. 



In the last few years, I had the opportunity to work for very important Automotive Design Studios to help clients from all over the world and master most segments of the automotive world, from Concepts to Production cars.
My work capacity and versatility allow me to follow side projects in fields such as Graphic Design and Video Making.

My multidisciplinary skills grant me a Global Artistic Vision that I use to find creative solutions in any field that suit the client's needs.


Other than Design and Art which I am lucky to have transformed into a profession I have many other passions, and as I usually say, one life is not enough for all of them. 

Playing Music



These are only a few of these passions and for each one, I try to give the best of me. 

Life is one and one only, live it at your best, try to improve your life and others by any means, Art, Design and Innovation. 


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